Wireless Security System

More About Wireless Security System

Our best-in-class wireless security system for home offers reliable access management, intruder detection, Smart cameras, theft alarm for your Residence’s security. These solutions are completely retro-fit & easy to deploy on any ongoing or new site.

Wardrobe Theft Alarm

Smart Door Locks

Motion Based Intruder Alarm

Smart Door Bell System

Wireless Camera Setup

Custom Designed System

About the Solution

We At Karo Have Developed The Process To Custom Design The Wireless Security Sensor As Per The Unique Requirement Of The Client.

The Problem right now

Each Client Has A Unique Problem Which Needs To Be Solved With The Security System, Whereas Only Standard Pre-Designed Solutions Are Available In The Market

How we Improved

Karo Innovations Labs Specializes In Making Custom Solutions Which Are Tailored To Meet The Exact Requirement Of The Client. As Per The Requirement We Re-Design The Security System From Scratch.

Devices & Setup

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