Wireless Home Security System

Wireless Security System

Product Features

Multiple type of sensors - motion, vibration, Reed can be connected in the same security system

the receiver alarm unit has a bright LCD display to show the exact alarm status & Alert location

multiple internal and external buzzer units can be connected as per the requirement

the system works on reliable wireless RF communication for a secure setup

we custom design the solutions as per the exact requirement of the client

Custom made solutiuons

Karo Innovations Lab

We at Karo have developed the process to custom design the Wireless security Sensor as per the unique requirement of the client.

Each client has a unique problem which needs to be solved with the security system, whereas only standard pre-designed solutions are available in the market

Karo Innovations labs specializes in making custom solutions which are tailored to meet the exact requirement of the client. As per the requirement we re-design the security system from scratch.

of Sensors

it all Connects !

Built Quality


Simply Fill out the Requirement form and we will get back to you for planning out the solution deployment strategy. At Karo we make it easier than ever to Design Develop & Deploy the Smart home wireless security system.

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