Wireless Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller

Product Features

Automatically Turns the water pump ON-OFF to maintain sufficient water level

No need to worry for lost signal or float error our systems gives you status alerts

Our system supports multi display setup with separate display for each floor

our solution is completely wireless. No need to stretch wires across the building

our solution can be used for multiple interconnected tanks with common pump

We the Researchers

Karo Innovations Lab

At Karo Innovations lab we have developed a unique solution keeping in mind the current scenario in India where more than 1 tank needs to be monitored in the same building.

managing water level in overhead tanks, preventing overflow of tanks, dealing  with empty tank while showering are some of the problems we all have experienced. 

Our karo wireless water level controller has an in-built intelligent  water management chip  which constantly monitors water level in each of the tanks (In case of Multi tank) and ensures none of tank goes empty or Overflows. With this solution we can even deploy multiple LCD based wireless water level display panels for each floor while the wireless control unit controls the water pump.

Wireless Tank Level Sensor

  • Built In Wireless Antena
  • Adjustable Float Placement
  • Quick & Simple Installation 
  • Auto Float Issue Detection
  • Monkey Proof Wiring
  • IP68 Waterproof Sensor Unit
  • High Grade Imported Floats
  • Tank Overflow Protection

Wireless Display & Control Unit

  • Running Capacitor Switching
  • Bright LCD Display
  • Float / Signal Malfunction Alarm
  • Auto Motor ON-OFF
  • Built In Wireless Antenna
  • Low Water Level Alarm
  • 4-5 Liquid Level Indication
  • Multi Tank support


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