Automatic Wardrobe Lighting

Design Features

An unique light, designed and manufactured by Karo with build-in sensor makes it easier than ever to automate cabinet & Wardrobe lighting without all of the hassles of External switch or Sensor wiring for the lighting automation

Built-in Sensors

Auto Human Detection

Auto Delay
Light OFF

Dimming Control

Gesture ON-OFF Control

Built-in Sensor Wardrobe Lighting

About the Solution

We at Karo have invented the world’s first built-in Sensor Wardrobe & Kitchen cabinet light. with years of research and testing we have come up with a unique design to make this possible.

How is it done right now ?

Almost Any Other Light In The Market Requires Additional External Motion Sensors And Multiple Long Wiring Connections When We Plan On Automating The Wardrobe & Cabinet Lights.

How We Improved

The Karo Built-In Sensor Wardrobe & Kitchen Cabinet Light Is A Sleek Yet High Powered Robust Light With Built In Motion Sensor And Requires Connecting Just 2 Wires For 220V AC Supply. No Need To Put Up Ugly Wardrobe Switches Or Motion Sensors With Wires Running All Over The Place. This Is Highly Durable And Long Lasting.

Design & Built



Kitchen Cabinet


Bed side Light

Other Devices

Wardrobe Switch

Wardrobe Sensor

Wardrobe LED Light Strip

Wardrobe Light Profile

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