Smart Home Solutions

4 Steps

Smart Home

Step 1

Simply Fill out the “I want a Smart Home” form, Fill in the contact details and choose the level of automation required at your home

A. Motion Based Solutions: 
Wireless motion sensors based home automation solution in India, Karo web app, Alexa voice command enabled Switching

B. End to End Smart Home Solutions:
Control your home with just a tap on your phone screen with Karo web app, Alexa voice command enabled Switching. Now you have the flexibility to automate the switches based on time & Scenario

C. Basic Smart Home Solutions: 
Our cost-Effective solutions where you can control your homes via the Alexa App & Alexa Voice command, Setup time based switching, Scene creation and much more

I want a Smart Home !

Step 2

Fix Appointment.

We will study your requirement and one of our customer support champion will reach back to fix an appointment to discuss the details of the solution which needs to be deployed as per the requirement.

Step 3

Detailed Discussion.

As per the scheduled appointment, a detailed discussion will take place with the Engineering head & Solution Architect and a solution overview will be presented to you along with a quote for the commercials.

Step 4

Deploy Solution .

Our Smart home solutions are completely modular and ready to deploy for easy and quick installation. All our configurations & are preset so that as soon as you plug in the wires, you’re ready to go.


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