Motion Sensor Lighting Control

Design Features

Our unique Motion Sensor lighting control solutions are used to add an element of Luxury to ordinary spaces. Our sensor lights solution combine Design, Aesthetics, Luxury & Practical Application- all of these into a single solution. It is imperative to have the correct type of sensor installed based on the dynamics of the room/space where the sensor has to be installed

Contactless Control

Automatic Lights ON-OFF

High Energy Savings

100% Retro Fit Solutions

Reliable Operation


Stilt Floor Lighting

Washroom Lighting

Passage & Corridor

Staircases Lighting

Entrance Area Lighting

Device Types

At Karo we have one of the largest collection of motion sensors with over 25-30 different variety of sensors for various applications. Each of these sensor type has its own characteristic which has to be matched with the exact application where the sensor has to be used. Our Consulting team helps you choose the correct one based on the exact design of the space which helps avoid any false triggers in our motion sensor lighting solutions.

Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount




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