Motion Sensor Light

Motion Sensor Light

Product Features

The smart light design is very sleek such that it easily fits in tight spaces like wardrobe or stairs

with tightly packed high power lED's inside, you get 3X light intensity with gapless output

our USP is the Built-in motion sensor inside, now no need to connect external motion sensors

aero grade Aluminium enclosure helps dissipate more heat than ever, improving the lED life

our high efficiency LED design produces 2x light intensity per watt than traditional LED lights

We the inventors

Karo Innovations Lab

We at Karo have invented the world’s first built-in motion Sensor Profile-light. with years of research and testing we have come up with a unique design to make this possible.

almost any other light in the market requires additional external motion sensors and multiple long wiring connections.

Our Karo smart Motion light is a sleek yet high powered robust light with built in motion sensor and requires connecting just 2 wires for 220V AC supply. No Need to put up ugly wardrobe switches or motion sensors with wires running all over the place.

in the Inside ?

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