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We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of industrial, commercial & domestic electrical-electronic goods & solutions, We basically turn your everyday-use boring old electrical appliances & gadgets, smart and fun to use with our vast portfolio of wireless automation & IOT solutions

We also provide specialized electrical automation solutions for heavy industrial applications. We have been providing solutions to big fat Indian industries for the past 35 Years.


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Karo Consulting

Are you an Architecture Firm, Property Developer, Construction Contractor, Interior Designer or Property Builder ?

If Yes, Then we can help your business grow through collaboration and partnerships !



Now control your entire home with all new Karo App and make your home smarter and connected with Karo Wireless Automation 

Tight on space ? We have a solution for you. Our all new intricately designed motion light with inbuilt motion sensor is a piece of art

Our wireless water level controller makes sure you never run out of water nor does the tank overflow with auto motor ON-OFF


Wireless Technologies

Products and solutions that work on advanced Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g/n technology. These solutions are generally meant to work in a closed & confined space like Homes.

Solutions which require long range communication (upto 2KM) without the need of a router. These solutions are meant to work over long range such as open fields.

Products where near field communication is required at low power consumption. These solutions are meant to work in cases where closed communication is required.


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